Severely pissed off.

Okay so today my mom picked me up from school to take me to the bank to get money for Christmas shopping, and to change my account.

Right now I can’t touch my money (I’m not even supposed to know that the account exists) without my mom there. It’s really fucking irritating. So my mom and I were going to change it so it was just in my name.

The bank won’t let us because I’m not 18.

Are you fucking kidding me. I worked everyday in the past two summers, saving up money so I could be able to pay for gas and other things for my car. But apparently, even though I EARNED that money, I have NO RIGHT to use it. But whatever.

I’m so furious. And my mom always complains that I don’t have money but she never wants to take me to the bank to get it.

Oh, and I didn’t get a call back.

Fucking great

I really hope the world ends tomorrow.